Shoshan House

At Frampton & Balding, we transformed a listed building, that had served as a bank since 1890, into a beautiful home. We ensured that all interior changes from the banking years were undone to honour it’s Victorian heritage, whilst modernising aspects of the interior to create a warm and comfortable environment.

The design was inspired by ‘allowing nature to live with us’. We wanted to imagine that if left alone, nature would eventually overcome and take residence in the house, so instead, we invited it to. This theme was implemented into all aspects of the project, through to the small details such as all the ceiling roses made in the shape of lilies. We also landscaped and built a Koi fish pond in the back garden, as well as prints from James Audubon mounted throughout the interior, so that his infamous bird prints would watch you as you walked throughout the house. This was done as the building had originally been a commercial bank for over 100 years. We named the house Shoshan House’ which means ‘Waterlilly’ or ‘Lotus Flower’ in the ancient language of Hebrew



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